CoolIT Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Revenue Milestone and Strong Market Position

Accelerated Market Adoption of Direct Liquid Cooling and Key Partnerships Lead to Another Bright Year Ahead

CoolIT Systems, the global leader in scalable direct liquid cooling technology (DLC) for desktop and data centers systems with over 4 million coldplate solutions shipped to date, has reached a significant business milestone with their 20th Anniversary. This anniversary announcement comes as CoolIT reports another record revenue year in 2020 and a 43% YoY growth from 2019. This exciting miletsone markets CoolIT’s fourth consecutive year of 40% or greater growth and a 5-year CAGR of 51%. CoolIT continues to maintain the lead market position for both desktop all-in-one liquid coolers and modular data center direct liquid cooling solutions, owing it’s success to success to fantastic partners and customers.

“2020 marked another monumental year for CoolIT,” said Steven Walton, CoolIT Systems CEO. “Investing in our partner relationships has resulted in several large scale deployments and significant revenue increases. At the same time, we continue reinvesting in our team and products to stay ahead of the technology curve and provide tailored solutions which closely match our customers evolving needs.”

Continued industry partnerships with all major server OEM’s enabled CoolIT to deploy several large-scale installations between 2017 and 2020. Several new world-class supercomputers in Europe and the United States were deployed with the help of CoolIT technologies. The Lise SupercomputerMagma SupercomputerCara Supercomputer and Frontera Supercomputer are notable installations providing significant resources to scientists and researchers exploring crucial areas such as weather prediction, cancer research and Covid-19 vaccines. These large scale systems and many other HPC installations using CoolIT technologies are the foundation of some of the world’s highest-performing and most efficient data centers in the world. “Direct liquid cooling has become the norm for energy-efficient and high performing data centers, and we see this demand increasing every year” commented Patrick McGinn, Executive Vice President, Business Operations. “The industry is no longer apprehensive about liquid in the data center and we are now seeing CoolIT technologies used across a broad set of public, academic, and private data environments.”

With a commitment to exploring new technologies and continuous product improvement, CoolIT has become the #1 choice for OEM factory enabled liquid cooling solutions and holds the largest market share of any other competitor in the space. Collaborating with the industry’s chip manufacturers has ensured CoolIT is prepared to cool the latest products and enable them to operate at peak performance efficiently.

CoolIT will be announcing several large 2021 deployments in the coming months, along with significant new industry partnerships.

About CoolIT Systems
CoolIT Systems specializes in scalable liquid cooling solutions for the world’s most demanding high-performance computing environments. In the desktop enthusiast market, CoolIT provides unparalleled performance for a range of gaming systems utilizing its patented split flow technologies. Through its modular, Direct Liquid Cooling technology, Rack DLC™, CoolIT enables dramatic increases in rack densities, component performance and power efficiencies. CoolIT partners with the global IT OEM leaders and Cloud Service Providers to provide the most efficient and reliable liquid cooling solutions. Together, CoolIT and its partners are leading the way for widespread adoption of efficient high-density and high-performance computing. For more information about CoolIT Systems and its technology, visit

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