Professional Services FAQ

What services do CoolIT provide?

CoolIT’s main services packages include the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of CoolIT hardware.  However, CoolIT can also provide integration services, training services, design services among other mission critical efforts.  Inquire with your local rep if interested in additional service offerings.

Why does CoolIT provide these services?

CoolIT is invested in every aspect of the end to end liquid cooling solution process from the design of our products, to manufacturing, to deploying our equipment worldwide. With 20 years of liquid cooling experience, CoolIT uses this expertise to ensure every customer deployment is successful and installed/maintained to the highest of quality standards required for liquid cooling.

Who installs CoolIT’s equipment and who maintains it?

CoolIT’s professionally trained Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) work as an extension of CoolIT to provide services using CoolIT’s standard operating procedures. ASPs provide the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of CoolIT’s equipment with the assistance of CoolIT’s Professional Services team throughout the deployment.

Who can be an Authorized Service Provider?

CoolIT’s ASPs require technical expertise to install our equipment. Technical backgrounds of ASPs include plumbers, pipe fitters, and HVAC technicians who are certified by CoolIT through our step by step training programs to work on mission critical projects. If you are interested in becoming a CoolIT ASP, please reach out to us to learn more about the onboarding process and see if your skills align with our requirements.

How long does it take to install CoolIT’s equipment?

Installation and commissioning can vary in length based on what equipment is deployed, which must also take into consideration the timeline for CoolIT’s partner provided integration services. For a single in-rack Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) deployment (CHx80V2 or CHx200) it may take 1-3 days for installation and commissioning. For larger projects which are deploying our in-row CHx750’s, generally incorporating dozens of racks with a Secondary Fluid Network (SFN), could take anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months. Every deployment is unique and CoolIT puts careful consideration into the engineering design and build according to customer requirements.

What maintenance does CoolIT provide on their equipment?

CoolIT provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with every deployment that outlines the service provided from CoolIT, or CoolIT’s ASPs to our customers. Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) visits are typically scheduled every 6 months and include coolant sampling and coolant analysis to ensure the integrity of the fluid can continue to drive top performance cooling in your liquid cooled system. Software/firmware are checked on the CDUs and updated if required, and visual inspections for material wear is also completed for individual components within the system.

How long do Service Level Agreements last?

CoolIT’s Service Level Agreements range from 2-5 years in 1 year increments.  The length of the SLA supports the length of the warranty or extended warranty of the system.  SLAs can also be purchased beyond the maximum length of the extended warranty of the system to provide preventative maintenance measures which will reduce the chances of reactive maintenance events occurring.

What Coolant does CoolIT use and why?

CoolIT uses a Propylene Glycol 25% mixture, consisting of additional inhibitors to reduce corrosion and microbial growth. The glycol in the mixture lowers the freezing point of the coolant to ensure safe transport worldwide without issue. All of CoolIT’s products have been tested with this coolant to ensure material compatibility and lasting cooling performance.

Where is CoolIT’s equipment deployed?

CoolIT’s equipment has been deployed worldwide, and this list of countries continues to grow at a rapid pace. Since 2020, CoolIT has successfully completed dozens of large-scale deployments in the United States alone.

What is CoolIT’s largest deployment?

CoolIT’s largest public deployment to date is the Frontera Supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Compute Center. The Frontera Supercomputer is the most powerful academic supercomputer in the US with 35-40 petaflop of performance. CoolIT deployed 9 row-based CDUs (CHx750) with 91 stainless steel rack manifolds, 91 rear door heat exchangers, and 3 custom secondary fluid networks below the racks.

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