CoolIT’s executive team is a group of dynamic individuals with a shared vision. This team of experts work together with the belief that one departments success is a shared success for the company as a whole. It is their leadership combined with the ability to hire the right people, that makes CoolIT Systems an exceptionally dedicated group of individuals that foster a culture based on respect, mutual appreciation and a “One CoolIT” attitude.

Chief Executive Officer


Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), MBA in Finance & Strategy

Responsible for both long term and short term strategic planning and execution of the business, Steve is a strategy-driven, results-oriented leader. Steve is focused on scaling CoolIT at a rapid pace, day-to-day management, as well as being the lead in defining and evolving CoolIT’s company culture.

Before joining CoolIT Systems, Steve led AC Photonics through significant growth while also introducing solutions to increase operational efficiency and exceeding the corporation’s financial objectives. Steve has also held several executive roles at MicroTechnologies, Huntington Capital PE Group, and WFM. With over 20 years of international experience scaling technology companies, streamlining their operations, and increasing global and regional market share, he brings significant growth and value to CoolIT operations.

Some guiding values that Steve stands by include integrity and ethics. He also strongly believes that business is a team sport.

Chief Operating Officer


Bachelor’s in International Business

Patrick McGinn is responsible for CoolIT’s marketing, sales, product development, engineering, and customer service solutions. Having been with the company since 2012, Patrick has held various leadership roles within the product, business development, and marketing areas and has been a primary driver of CoolIT’s growth in both the consumer and data center markets.

With his team, they are responsible for developing and executing business strategies that ensure CoolIT continues as the global market share leader for Direct Liquid Cooling. They are also involved in advanced technology research and new market analysis; an exciting part of the groups work that Patrick particularly enjoys.

Patrick is a passionate leader and believes that with the right dream, people, and culture that CoolIT is well poised to continue with aggressive growth in coming years.

Sr. Vice President of Quality


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Engineering, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)

As a key driver on the CoolIT team for over 15 years, Mike effectively collaborates across the organization on all quality matters and strategic development and execution of quality assurance and controls. As an agile leader, he oversees and cultivates the quality team to foster innovation process solutions.

He is an engineering executive team member with over 20 years of experience in engineering management, quality management, computer engineering, thermal/mechanical engineering, and PCB design consulting.

As a collaborative leader with a proven track record of excelling in demanding, fast-paced start-up environments, Mike believes in developing best-in-class products while building and motivating high performing multi-disciplinary teams.

Sr. Vice President of Shared Services


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in Accounting

Having been with CoolIT for over 9 years, Ashlea has been a noteworthy leader in CoolIT’s financial and cultural space as the department head for accounting and human resource teams. Responsible for banking and equity transactions, financial audits, financial statements, financial controls, and foreign entities, Ashlea guides all spaces for the company’s economic success. Working closely with the CEO, Ashlea undertakes the financial aspect of all strategic spend and external communications on finances.

With over 20 years of experience in the accounting and reporting industry, a valuable strength carried over is her ability to identify opportunities for automation within departments to ensure efficiency. Ashlea brings with her dynamic experience as an entrepreneur having created her own start-up focused on corporate tax returns and government reporting with her time at Unified Valve as CFO.

With a love for animals, her family, and her team at CoolIT, Ashlea is a spirited and caring leader. She believes that integrity, being coachable and being a hard worker are the key to being successful in anything that you do. Passionate about the role that finance plays in an organization, she enjoys how economics can tie into other departments and identify the connections to processes through the financial systems. Ashlea enjoys learning through mentorship and has been able to use that method successfully to get to the stage of her career that she is at today.

Vice President of Information Technology


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

As VP of Information Technology, Ian is responsible for providing business and technical leadership to the CoolIT team.  He ensures the delivery of an integrated technology platform that aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives.  By working with CoolIT business partners, he provides innovative, robust, and secure information technology solutions to enable the organization for today and the future.

Ian has over 20 years of leadership experience spanning a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Container Shipping, Cyber Security, and several High-Tech Startup’s.  His experience in these organizations includes the development of commercial software with a worldwide client base, development of leading-edge software and IT infrastructures for multinational companies.

Ian believes and maintains that not only is the function of Information Technology to deliver innovative solutions but ensure it is delivered with a positive customer experience.

Vice President of Product


Professional Engineer (P. Eng.), MBA Candidate (2023)

Delivering industry-leading technology that enables our customers to push new limits, Brandon is Vice President of CoolIT’s Data Center business unit. Starting at CoolIT in 2016 as a Field Application Engineer, he now leads business development, product development and customer service functions, including strategy, processes, products, people, and growth.

Innovation, problem-solving and the ability to adapt are driving forces behind Brandon’s collaboration with customers and his team. He is a big picture thinker committed to strategizing and leading CoolIT’s data center business.

Vice President of Engineering


Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering

He leads a cross-functional engineering team supporting feasibility studies, R&D, design, analysis and simulation, verification and validation, system deployment and production support activities for all lines of CoolIT products. As part of his responsibilities, he develops and maintains strategic direction for technology and life cycle product development across all platforms.

Kamal has a broad and in-depth range of valuable experiences including teaching CATIA courses in Iran, working as a Technical Manager focused on designing medical device components, and many roles in Mechanical Engineering. Kamal was involved in a new hydro plant mechanical design project and designed a 3DOF leader robot capable of loading/unloading saw blades.

Kamal leads his team with these 5 engineering principles: uniformity (consistent designs), integrity (meeting customer requirements with quality), cost-driven (price-competitive products), communication, and innovation.



Brydon Gierl has been working in the liquid cooling field for over 20 years and has been aggressively innovating since starting CoolIT. Possessing the ability to create and implement a vision, he has captured the future of data center technology and continues to plan and develop high-quality solutions.

Prior to co-founding CoolIT Systems he worked in various capacities in construction and fabrication industries learning valuable lessons as a first-time business owner operator.

Currently in his position as SVP of Product Development at CoolIT Systems he is back to where his creative talents are best exploited. With a work ethic born on the family farm, Brydon is a driver for CoolIT’s productivity and cutting-edge automation.

Director of Quality


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), MBA, Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

As a top member of the CoolIT team, Steven is responsible for the design, implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and its compliance with ISO 9001:2015. He also guides the strategic focus of quality by ensuring CoolIT meets the regulatory, customer and internal requirements for products and services. Complimenting quality management at CoolIT, Steven has also developed and maintained frameworks for information management and document control, continuous improvement and enterprise risk management.

Steven holds over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, including 24 years of military service as an Engineering Officer in HM Forces worldwide and 7 years in oil and gas developing pressure and structural welding and fabrication systems to ASME and CSA standards.

The integrity of solutions as well as the efficiency of processes is at the forefront of everything Steven develops and provides guidance on.  He believes quality assurance and the culture of continuous improvement at CoolIT tempered by risk-based thinking enables him to be customer-focused while never compromising quality standards.

Director of Supply Chain


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Business Operations, Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP), Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM), Lean Management and Continued Improvement Certificate

Grace leads CoolIT’s global supply chain and touches on procurement, strategic sourcing, planning, logistics, inventory, and warehousing in her role daily.  She is uncompromising in quality and aims for excellent management of the supply chain cycle.

With over 25 years of supply chain experiences across several industries including retail, electronics and technology manufacturing, industrial equipment manufacturing, building construction, and services, she is a dynamic and driven leader of the CoolIT team. Grace can apply best practices and key learnings from each of her unique industry practices while evolving the future of CoolIT’s supply chain.

Grace is passionate about all things supply chain and leads with respect and humility.  She enjoys speaking regularly to students thinking of a career in supply chain and draws strength from family who continue to support her through the best of times and the worst of times.

Director of Manufacturing Engineering and Production


Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering

As the Director of Manufacturing Engineering and Production Hamid drives production and manufacturing engineering teams for new product and process introductions, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from design engineering to manufacturing production. His valuable leadership to his team guides the efficient development and implementation of product and process improvements of new and existing DLC products.

Hamid is focused on a continuous improvement mindset. He firmly believes in measuring the effectiveness of processes, studying trends, and improving the manufacturing process for the journey towards zero defects & perfect on-time performance.

Director of Advanced Technology


Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Electrical Engineering

As Director of Advanced Technology at CoolIT, Cam and his team are focused on industry thought leadership and finding the next great innovative products through research and collaboration with our trusted partners. Advanced Technology is the incubator for future product strategies at CoolIT.

Before working at CoolIT, Cam was an Embedded Software Developer and managed a product development team at Mentor Engineering. They designed and manufactured mobile data terminals for transit industries (Taxi, Buses, Ambulance, etc.). He has spent over 13 years in R&D roles and has over 4 years of experience in liquid cooling, bringing crucial knowledge and value to the team.

Cam believes in focusing on the “why” of a project to ensure that the result addresses the original problem. By following a simple process of “research, develop, test and iterate” his team can take blue ocean ideas from a napkin drawing to a minimum viable product to validate concepts in a brief period of time.



Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), CPA, CMA

With roots dating back to 2008, Doug was an early investor in CoolIT and joined the team for 4 years during the start-up phase. Returning in 2020 to provide his experience and support, Doug is now Financial Controller, the companies lead accountant, responsible for overseeing all accounting activities. With the primary objective of delivering accurate and timely financial statements and reports, Doug is a driver of CoolIT’s financial success. He leads his team to handle all accounts payable and receivable transactions while managing the company’s cash flow. Much of his attention is invested in monitoring revenues, cost of goods sold and inventory levels. Doug also touches on the financial consolidation of the various company entities in Canada, China, Taiwan, and the USA.

Value is a fundamental goal for Doug in his role with a focus on attention to detail, initiative, persistence, and dependability. When it comes to working with his coworkers he values cooperation, integrity, honesty, excellent performance, and mentorship.

Director of Product


PMP (Project Management Professional)

As Director of Desktop Solutions Sean has a 14-year track record at CoolIT of effective leadership and management of exploratory projects. With a role focused on supporting development, new product introduction (NPI) and sustainment for consumer-focused active liquid cooling solutions, he is investigating the next big steps in desktop innovations.

His career path started out with a technology company focused on conducting business online in the late ’90s; he became the fourth employee at FreeRealTime.com. Sean dove headfirst into the technology and as the company grew, moved into the software product team performing quality control, revision control and release management duties. Following the dot com bubble burst of the early 2000s, he took on several IT roles that expanded his hardware experience.

Sean believes in serving CoolIT clients by maintaining customer intimacy no matter the scale and strongly supports that this value ensures a focus on customer needs, driving quality and performance to guarantee lasting competitive advantage.

Director of Human Resources


Bachelor of Management, Certified Return to Work Coordinator

Kerri is responsible for the recruitment, onboarding and management of payroll and benefits.  She excels in supporting CoolIT’s human operations to help achieve our strategic goals and business needs.

Over her career, she has worked with organizations that employ over 30,000 people worldwide and some as small as 40 employees.  Although each has its different challenges, Kerri has strengthened cultures by focusing on the people and the company to integrate company goals through the human aspect, driving people to achieve their goals and personal fulfilment.

Kerri is driven to always work with the utmost integrity and has always seen Human Resource as the middle bind between the human aspect and the organization itself.  She is passionate about working with people on an individual level to help build teams and a culture where everyone feels valued.


As an experienced innovator with over 60 patents and more than four million liquid cooling units deployed, CoolIT Systems is the leading liquid cooling solution provider for HPC, Cloud and Enterprise markets worldwide.

Vivid Vision

We are

  • an innovation beacon, authority, and educator to industry.
  • bright passionate team members pursuing dreams, thinking different, and finding a better way.
  • delivering on what we promise, on-time, every time.

Check out our Vivid Vision here.


CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) was founded in 2001 and began designing and distributing superior direct liquid cooling products for the desktop gaming industry. As the company grew, so did the need for direct liquid cooling in the data center industry. CoolIT began designing products for datacenters and server OEMs in 2014 and is today the most trusted direct liquid cooling solution in the market. The company has headquarters in both Calgary, Canada and Connecticut, USA, three manufacturing warehouses in Canada and China and sales teams located around the globe.

Check out our 20 years of history here.


At CoolIT, innovation and a tight-knit team are what sets us apart. We are a pioneering industry leader that looks for the top employees who share our culture and values to make CoolIT the most trusted direct liquid cooling company in the world.

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CoolIT Systems Projects HPC Market Revenue to Double in 2021
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CoolIT Systems Launches New High-Density Server Solution with Gigabyte
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CoolIT Systems Adds Experienced CFO to Support Growth
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