As an experienced innovator with over 60 patents and more than two and a half million liquid cooling units deployed, CoolIT Systems is the leading liquid cooling solution provider for HPC, Cloud and Enterprise markets worldwide.


CoolIT Systems’ Rack DLC platform is a modular, rack-based and advanced liquid cooling solution which allows dramatic increases in rack densities, component performance and energy efficiencies. The technology can be deployed with any server and in any rack, making it a truly flexible solution that creates an edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

CoolIT’s Closed-Loop DLC products are cooling systems that exist entirely within the desktop or server. A variety of actively pumping coldplates loops are installed on heat-producing components and hot air is then rejected through slim, quiet radiators. The sealed liquid loops ship pre-filled with coolant and installation is comparable to that of a standard heat sink. Closed-Loop DLC solutions are available in both standard and custom rack-mount configurations.


CoolIT’s dedication to the invention and design of state-of-the-art liquid cooling technology has led to a portfolio of over 60 patents. The company’s reputation has always been synonymous with industry leading solutions.

Through proud collaboration with industry leaders like Dell EMC, HPE, Cray Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and others, CoolIT Systems liquid cooling technology has become a staple in today’s high performance desktop computer and is destined to become the mainstream cooling solution in the world of data centers.

The persistent pursuit of high quality design, collaborative engineering, manufacturing and serviceability connects customers with design possibilities and exceptional performance results that only CoolIT’s Direct Liquid Cooling can provide.



We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in everything we do in every part of our company.


We treat customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and others in general with courtesy and respect.


We believe in deep collaboration and partnerships, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot.


We create synergy through a sense of togetherness that is fostered by mutual communication and cooperation within the company and with our customers and business partners.


We have the integrity to maintain good customer relationships and ensure the highest quality collaborations.


CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) was founded in 2001. The company has headquarters in both Calgary, Canada and Connecticut, USA, three manufacturing warehouses in Canada and China and sales teams located around the globe. CoolIT’s first products delivered superior performance for high-end workstations and gaming computers. Today, the company’s Direct Contact Liquid Cooling technology has evolved to support large scale data center installations.

In May 2016, STULZ and CoolIT created a unique partnership which provides customers with the world’s first Chip-to-Atmosphere solution. Chip-to-Atmosphere cooling solutions allow customers to capture dense heat loads at the source (inside the servers) and efficiently move it to the outside atmosphere. STULZ is world-renowned for its precision cooling products which are combined with CoolIT’s industry leading Rack DLC technology. The result is ultra-efficient total thermal solutions that support any OEM server at even the highest density configurations – all through one unified vendor.


With a unique mission of “Enabling an energy efficient future of high performance computing through the delivery of innovative liquid cooling technology”, CoolIT holds the ISO9001 certification, has a portfolio of over 60 patents, has sold over four million liquid cooling units worldwide and is the top choice for OEMs and System Integrators.

CoolIT is proud to support several industry associations within the liquid cooling community including The Green Grid Association (TGG) Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Work Group (EEHPCWG) and the Open Compute Project (OCP) which provide various platforms for discussion on improving the modern data center.


Committed to quality, CoolIT Systems has implemented a quality management system based on best known methods and standards (e.g., ISO9001:2015). Our goal is to supply our customers with the best solutions and guarantee satisfaction. To ensure robust, industry-leading solutions CoolIT Systems follows these major principles:

  •  Use proven technologies
  •  Work with best-in- class manufacturing partners
  •  Design for test, manufacturability and reliability
  •  Provide world-wide customer support
  •  Maintain a culture of high quality and continuous improvement


CoolIT prides itself on working with industry partners to deliver the most effective and reliable liquid cooling solutions to the market place. Partnerships are the key to building industry standards and to giving the industry as a whole the confidence it needs to integrate liquid cooling into data centers. Collaborating with first class manufacturers to develop DLC projects has been a great experience and the resulting products are impressing customers and system integrators alike.




CoolIT Systems supports customers globally across a wide range of industries including HPC, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Oil & Gas,  Government, Research, Biomedical, and Big Data. Select list of CoolIT’s publically disclosed customers.


CoolIT’s executive team is a group of dynamic individuals with a shared vision. It is their leadership combined with the ability to hire the right people, that makes CoolIT Systems an exceptionally dedicated group of individuals that foster a culture based on respect, mutual appreciation and a ‘failure is not an option’ attitude.

Darko Ulakovic

Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Operations & Supply Chain Management

Brydon Gierl

Co-Founder & Senior Vice President of Product Development

Ian Graham

Vice President of Information Technology


At CoolIT, innovation and a tight-knit team are what sets us apart. We are a pioneering industry leader that looks for the top employees who share our culture and values to make CoolIT the number one liquid cooling company in the world.