Our team of industry experts make sure every project is completed to the highest standard, and the customer is set up for success long term.


World class Installation, commissioning and maintenance processes have made CoolIT the #1 choice for data centers and equipment OEM teams to partner with during this critical stage of new liquid cooling installations.

CoolIT teams travel around the world deploying datacenter liquid cooling solutions and collaborating with CoolIT customers and partners at all stages of their liquid cooling projects.

From pre-job planning to final commissioning, CoolIT teams of Project Managers, Engineers, and Service Technicians ensure customers find the right solution for their liquid cooling needs, that it is installed safely and efficiently, and provide continued support to ensure its future performance.

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Approved Service Providers (ASP)

CoolIT’s network of Approved Service Providers (ASP) allow us to deploy and maintain CoolIT liquid cooling solutions regardless of location. Service is provided by CoolIT and local Authorized Service Provider partners to cover over 157 countries and better serve the data center industry with forward-thinking designs, solutions and services.

CoolIT representatives provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance training to ensure consistency of CoolIT Approved Service Providers. On the job site, remote monitoring allows us to provide real-time support through all steps of the deployment. CoolIT works with the best ASPs in the Industry following a rigorous selection process:

  • Local mechanical contractors with the highest quality reputation are sought out by CoolIT teams to partner on upcoming projects. Local mechanical associations are often a staring point when CoolIT is leading the process.
  • Mechanical contractors and companies with a mission critical division are shortlisted for further review. These groups will be best prepared to execute on projects like data centers, hospitals, government buildings, and specialty industrial jobs.
  • The list of potential ASPs is furthered narrowed to require HVAC and Piping services like install, commission and 24-hCoolIT services.
  • The final selection process is requiring a guaranteed minimum 24-hCoolIT response time in a case of an emergency service request.

Four levels of training are available for ASPs depending on their involvement in a CoolIT project. These levels range from installation only, all the way to installation, servicing, commissioning and training others on CoolIT behalf.

Training includes Standard Operating Procedures on how the system needs to be built, installation drawings, quality screened piping material, post-install validation documents, and post-commission Integrated System Testing checklist. These elements contribute to high-quality installations being delivered on a consistent basis. Planned preventative maintenance day can also be performed by the ASP on CoolIT’s behalf. Once the ASP has performed the maintenance, they then send the checklist results to CoolIT technicians along with coolant samples and log file (if permitted). Using a service and Maintenance database app, the CoolIT team then provides the end-user with a service report and adds any minor issues/ concerns that need to be monitored. Any major/ minor issues discovered go through a non-conformance report database where it is flagged by CoolIT’s quality department and addressed to assist with the immediate resolutions, as well with improving quality in the future.

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CoolIT provides multiple levels of on-site and remote training for data center teams around the world. These customers can range from Data Center Operators and Server OEM Engineers, to Sales Teams and Support Staff, with training topics covering a wide variety of areas and interests. Training topics can be tailored to the customer’s needs and can include installation of CoolIT Vertical Rack Manifolds and rack based CDUs, commissioning of CoolIT solutions and ongoing maintenance. CoolIT liquid cooling experts work closely with customer teams to ensure they have the knowledge needed for long term success of their data center.

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