Liquid Lab™

Nestled neatly at our headquarters in Calgary, Canada, the Liquid Lab  is an innovation center boasting state-of-the-art amenities and run by our team of experts where we innovate, prototype and test the next generation of advanced cooling productsAt the Liquid Lab, we solve the problems of today and enable the technology of the future.

The Future of Cooling
Lives Here

The CoolIT Systems Liquid Lab is a 13,000 sq ft facility where design concepts are brought to life.  With a wide selection of specialized equipment and numerous test areas, the Liquid Lab is home to prototyping and testing activities required for CoolIT’s industry leading product development.

Innovation Meets Implementation

The Liquid Lab provides our team with the ability to prototype and rapidly iterate through ideas.  3D printers, a skiving machine, lathe and multi-axis CNC give our engineers access to rapid prototyping tools that significantly shorten the product development cycle.

Total Testing.
Total Peace-of-Mind.

With more than 10 independent testing areas including: a System Level Testing Chamber (for comprehensive rack testing), environmental chambers that allow for extreme temperature manipulation and a Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) chamber, the Liquid Lab provides our cooling experts with the equipment necessary to replicate harsh environmental conditions, giving our customers confidence in the reliability of our products.

See for Yourself

Click the link to see our official unveiling video featuring footage from around the facility.

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