DLC is a technology that uses warm liquid rather than cold air to dissipate heat from computer and server components. By capturing component heat in a liquid path, DLC allows for higher component performance and reliability, higher densities and decreased data center operating expenses through a decrease, or elimination of, chillers and CRACs.

Direct Liquid Cooling

Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide dense, concentrated cooling to targeted areas. By using DLC and warm water, the dependence on fans and expensive air handling systems is drastically reduced.

This results in much higher rack density, overall reduced power use and significantly higher performance potential.

Patented Split-flow Coldplates

A key component of Passive and Active Coldplate Loops, CoolIT Systems’ patented Split-Flow Coldplates are solid copper components which deliver superior performance for today’s high thermal density processors.

The Split-Flow design uses microchannel architecture to minimize pressure drop, maximize coolant flow, and direct the coolest liquid to the hottest area of the processor first. Starting at only 2.4mm in height, Coldplates are easily integrated into extremely compact, low-profile blade architectures, and provide optimal performance.

Custom Coldplate designs are available.

Centralized Pumping

Data centers that utilize centralized pumping systems benefit from superior reliability, performance and serviceability as compared to distributed pumping (pumps attached to the coldplate).

CoolIT Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) use the Command2 Control System to intelligently manage the centralized pumping system that cools multiple racks and ensures target flow and pressure settings are maintained.

The cost per coldplate in centralized pumping systems is kept to a minimum as there are no moving parts required at the server.

Adaptable Barb Mounting

Passive Coldplate Loops are configured to meet the layout restrictions of a wide variety of OEM servers and switches. The same reliable and high performance CoolIT coldplates can be used across multiple applications by utilizing the Adaptable Barb Design.

This feature ensures tube routing inside the server can be optimized and not interfere with other critical components. Barbs can swivel to the ideal position while maintaining the reliable seal CoolIT coldplates are known for.

Command2 Control System

CoolIT’s latest Rack DLC™ Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) come equipped with the Command2™ control system. This industry-leading control system provides a wide range of deployment and operational configurations.

Command2 offers built-in autonomous controls and sophisticated safety features providing peace of mind while ensuring safe, consistent and reliable operational results, without human intervention, within your environment.

For ease of use, Command2 offers multiple autonomous modes including Standard Mode, Temperature Setpoint, Pressure Setpoint, and Maximum Performance mode that deliver consistent performance across your servers without the need for constant adjustments based on a data center’s changing needs.

Metal Dripless Quick Disconnects

Quick Disconnects (QDs) with flush face connectors are key components in Direct Liquid Cooling systems.

The design of QDs enables fast and simple service with hot-swappable servers while providing the structural integrity data centers require.

The volume loss at disconnections is limited to a “mist” adhering to the face when disconnecting. This allows for easily-arranged, flexible server configurations inside racks.

An investment in metal QDs ensures both higher quality and reliability than that of plastic counterparts. This superior performance is an important consideration when installing liquid cooling in very expensive, high-density servers designed for HPC loads.

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