Case Study

Frontera Supercomputer

The challenge for Frontera would be cooling this new system with the pre-existing air-cooling infrastructure in the facility. As Frontera would be 3x times denser than the existing Stampede2 system and air cooling would not be sufficient to cool the high-powered CPUs, the TACC Frontera team worked with us to deliver a high-density liquid cooling solution.

  • Most powerful academic U.S. supercomputer, with a theoretical 35-40 PFLOPs peak performance
  • #5 on the Top 500 Supercomputers in the World
  • Frontera Supercomputer liquid cooling technology:
    • 91x racks with direct liquid cooled Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 servers with factory installed Passive Coldplate Loops
    • 91x RD020 Active Rear Door Heat Exchangers, managing heat from all other components
    • 9x row based CDU
    • 3x custom secondary fluid networks below the racks
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