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CHx200 CDU

CHx200 CDU

The CHx200 is a rack-based CDU, built for the needs of today’s most demanding HPC requirements. Capable of managing 200kW+ of heat load in a remarkably small 4U of space, this system provides cooling for up to 200 servers. The CHx200 is an extremely efficient heat exchanger that uses ASHRAE W4 warm water to manage processor and component heat. As a result, users can expect a significant reduction in data center OPEX.

Cooling Capacity (at 30°C facility water)
Power Consumption (Max)
Servers Managed
Up to 200
Facility Liquid Integration
  • Manages 200kW+ of processor load per network
  • Compatible with ASHRAE W4 warm water cooling
  • N+1 redundant pumps and power supplies
  • Dry-break quick disconnects
  • 4.3″ LCD screen with touch functionality
  • Integrated Command2 control and monitoring system (Webserver, Modbus, SNMP)
  • Intelligent leak detection and control
  • 4U rack-mount chassis
  • Warm water cooling reduces the need for chillers
  • Manages up to 200 servers per rack
  • Quick and easy installation and service
  • Consumes only 2400W
  • Can be located anywhere in a rack
  • Servers remain hot-swappable for service
  • High temperature return water can be used for heat re-use

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