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AHx100 CDU

AHx100 CDU

The AHx100 is a row-based CDU, built for the needs of today’s most demanding HPC requirements. Designed to manage the distribution of clean, treated coolant to and from a network of IT cabinets, the AHx100 is capable of managing up to 100kW of heat load. It has an extremely efficient, low-pressure drop heat exchanger that removes heat from secondary fluid with assistance from 7 axial fans.
This stand-alone AHx can be customized to fit various data center environments.

Maximum Cooling Capacity
Power Consumption (Max)
Servers Managed
80 to 100 servers
  • Manages up to 100kW of heat load
  • Compatible with ASHRAE W45 warm water cooling
  • Intelligent Control System (Webserver, Modbus, SNMP)
  • 7″ LCD screen with touch functionality
  • Internal leak detection system
  • Integrated fill pump
  • Quick and easy installation and service
  • Significantly reduces OpEx
  • Serviceable onsite – no down time for maintenance

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