OMNI™ All-Metal Coldplates

Best Performance.
Intrinsically Reliable.
AI Ramp Ready.

Liquid Cooling for the AI Era

Introducing the OMNI™ All-Metal Coldplate: the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable and production scalable coldplates – ready for the AI revolution. The world’s leading coldplate has just gotten better.

Best Performance

Managing over 1,500 W TDP and 300 W/cm² thermal loads, the OMNI All-Metal Coldplate is the best performing coldplates in the industry with 60% lower thermal resistance compared to standard microchannel coldplates.

Utilizing CoolIT’s patented Split-Flow™ technology, processor hot spots are precisely targeted while reducing flow resistance. OMNI Coldplates are available for all major CPU and GPU chips from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD.

Intrinsically Reliable

The OMNI Coldplate’s single-metal, unibody construction contains aerospace-grade, metallic sealing requiring no brazing material, eliminating differential coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE). Designed and tested to exceed the life expectancy of IT equipment, each coldplate undergoes rigorous quality testing, surpassing the standards set by IEC 62368-1, with 100% outbound inspection guaranteeing integrity.

AI Ramp Ready

With its scalable design and production processes, the OMNI Coldplate is available for immediate design integration on your next-generation servers. The OMNI Coldplate meets the unprecedented demand for AI with high volume production capacity and multi-local manufacturing leveraging a redundant global supply chain. This ensures consistent availability and swift delivery to meet the rapid ramp-up of AI systems.

Experience the best coldplate performance with CoolIT’s patented Split-Flow technology, available on all OMNI Coldplates.

Download the technical brief below to learn how Split-Flow technology lowers pressure drop, lowers thermal resistance and provides uniform cooling with high heat flux targeting.


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    OMNI™ All-Metal Coldplate Technical Specifications

    Download product specifications for the OMNI All-Metal Coldplates, the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable and production scalable coldplates – ready for the AI revolution.

    Processor Model OMNI Coldplate Model Action
    NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip NA2 Request Product Specifications
    NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, Model CG1 NA1 Request Product Specifications
    NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, SXM5 NG1 Request Product Specifications
    NVIDIA HGX B200 and HGX B100 GPUs, SXM6 NG2 Notify Me
    NVIDIA NVSwitch SXM5 NS1 Notify Me
    NVIDIA NVSwitch SXM6 NS2 Notify Me
    NVIDIA NVLink-C2C NC1 Notify Me
    4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Sapphire Rapids) IC0 Request Product Specifications
    Intel Data Center GPU Max Series (Ponte Vecchio) IG1 Request Product Specifications
    Next Gen Intel Xeon (Granite Rapids) IC1 Notify Me
    AMD Instinct MI300X Accelerators AA1 Notify Me

    Contact our liquid cooling experts to design and deploy your DLC server system with the OMNI All-Metal Coldplate.

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