Leading the Way in Direct Liquid Cooling: CoolIT Systems’ Manufacturing Revolution

CoolIT Systems is revolutionizing the Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) technology industry, setting new benchmarks, and staying ahead of market trends. Our dual-pronged approach, with both our Calgary and Taiwan facilities, allows us to maintain our edge in the ever-evolving cooling market. With a 40,000-square-foot expansion of our Calgary-based manufacturing facilities, we have increased our manufacturing capacity fivefold to meet the escalating demand for advanced cooling solutions.

As data centers demand more power and speed, CoolIT Systems has implemented innovative strategies to address the challenges. Our patented Rack DLC™ technology enhances performance and reduces energy consumption, promoting sustainability in data centers.

Automation is a key ally in our technological journey. Our commitment to incorporating automation across our production lines ensures consistent repeatability, utmost reliability, and unparalleled scalability. These features have carved our niche in the industry, empowering us to meet customer requirements quickly while upholding premium product standards. We’ve even implemented vision systems for rigorous quality inspection and functional examination to assure only the best reaches our clientele.

Our Calgary facility showcases our adeptness in lean manufacturing principles, electronic SOPs, and state-of-the-art work instructions incorporating 3D visuals. With an extensive suite of robotic tools, ranging from industrial to collaborative robots and pneumatic automated solutions, our manufacturing lines epitomize precision and effectiveness.

Our Taiwan office is no less impressive. Strengthening our global foothold, the Taiwan branch magnifies our prototyping and testing proficiencies, ensuring we’re always a step ahead in serving clients across Asia.

The synergy between our local Taiwan engineers and the Calgary team has enabled us to tackle our customers’ thermal challenges head-on. The Taiwan office is a hotbed of innovation, equipped for leak testing, product assembly, mechanical fit checks, 3D printing, and thermal evaluation. Recognizing the immense growth potential in the region, we’re amplifying our team across various sectors to satisfy the escalating customer needs.

In the ever-evolving world of DLC technology, CoolIT Systems is not just keeping pace but steering the course. We thrive on challenges, embrace possibilities, and continuously push technological boundaries. Join us as we redefine what’s possible in data center cooling. CoolIT Systems is engineering the future.


Vice President, Manufacturing

As the Vice President of Manufacturing, Hamid drives production and manufacturing engineering teams for new product, process introductions, and integrated automation ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from design engineering to manufacturing production. His valuable leadership to his team guides the efficient development and implementation of product and process improvements of new and existing DLC products.

Hamid is focused on a continuous improvement mindset. He firmly believes in measuring the effectiveness of processes, studying trends, and improving the manufacturing process for the journey towards zero defects & perfect on-time performance.


Vice President, Engineering

He leads a cross-functional engineering team supporting feasibility studies, R&D, design, analysis and simulation, verification and validation, system deployment and production support activities for all lines of CoolIT products. As part of his responsibilities, he develops and maintains strategic direction for technology and life cycle product development across all platforms.

Kamal leads his team with these 5 engineering principles: uniformity (consistent designs), integrity (meeting customer requirements with quality), cost-driven (price-competitive products), communication, and innovation.

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