Event: Join CoolIT Systems at AFCOM Data Center World 2024

Join CoolIT Systems at Booth #355 at AFCOM Data Center World 2024 to gain insights into the newest developments in direct liquid cooling technology, as well as precise solutions for contemporary data center challenges amidst the AI surge.

Meet our team – Jaclyn Schmidt, Justin Joson, Imane Aazaoui, Luca Cutrone, Charles Robison, Tarila Uti and Peggy Burroughs.

Reserve your time to connect with our team members and product experts at Data Center World 2024. Our dedicated team will be in touch to arrange a meeting. Reach out to us via email.

At AFCOM Data Center World 2024, you will have the opportunity to gain expert insight and strategies on the technologies and concepts you need to know to plan, manage, and optimize your data center. CoolIT Systems, a leader in Direct Liquid Cooling solutions, will be present to showcase the latest trends in this cutting-edge technology. Be sure to stop by Booth #355 to learn more about how CoolIT Systems can help your business stay ahead of the AI surge.

Sessions not to be missed:

Speaker: Jaclyn Schmidt

Topic: Cooling The Future: Preparing Your Data Center For The AI Surge

Date: Tuesday, April 16 | 5:30pm – 6:00pm

Location: Expo Hall Floor (Level 2)

As the demand for computational power surges with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, data center operators face the challenge of efficiently managing heat dissipation while preparing for unprecedented workloads. This presentation explores the pivotal role of liquid cooling implementation and integrating liquid cooling solutions into existing infrastructure as the key to unlocking the potential of AI-driven computing. By embracing liquid cooling technology now rather than later, data centers can enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency and performance, thus maximizing the potential of AI-driven computing. Through an analysis of real-world case studies, we showcase innovative approaches to data center cooling where the use of targeted liquid cooling solutions is leveraged to maximize PUE and WUE.

Sessions not to be missed:

Workshop: Women In The Data Center: Cultivating Your Authentic Leadership Style

Panelist: Peggy Burroughs

Date: Monday, April 15 | 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: Room 207B

Join Melissa Olson (Belimo), Karen Petersburg (PowerHouse Data Centers), Anahita Mouro (Google), Peggy Burroughs (CoolIT), and Ashley Sturm (Nautilus Data Technologies) for an empowering workshop.

No matter your career stage, the journey to refine your personal leadership style is ongoing. Leadership is dynamic and individualized, rooted in your unique experiences, personality, and passions. In this workshop, we’ll explore diverse leadership styles and analyze how positive leadership behaviors shape organizational culture.

Through reflective exercises and interactive discussions, you’ll gain deeper insights into your personal values and how they intersect with effective leadership traits. Embrace your authenticity as you navigate your career and cultivate a leadership approach that resonates with who you are. Join us in this immersive workshop where each participant is encouraged to thrive and lead with confidence.

About CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems specializes in scalable liquid cooling solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments. In the desktop enthusiast market, CoolIT provides unparalleled performance for a range of gaming systems. In the enterprise data center and high-performance computing markets, CoolIT partners with global leaders in OEM server design to develop the most efficient and reliable liquid cooling solutions for their own leading-edge products. Through its modular Direct Liquid Cooling technology, CoolIT enables dramatic increases in rack densities, component performance, and power efficiencies. Together, CoolIT and its partners are leading the way for the widespread adoption of high-performance computing.

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