Event: CoolIT Systems at NVIDIA GTC AI Conference and Expo 2024

CoolIT Systems is honored to be a sponsor of the breakthrough AI conference, NVIDIA GTC 2024 happening from March 17 to March 21, 2024 in San Jose, California.

Discover firsthand how CoolIT delivers scalable direct liquid cooling solutions tailored for the most demanding machine learning and AI workloads.

Meet our teamPatrick McGinn, Calum Devlin, Mitchell Knight, Charles Robison and John Brussa – who are eager to discuss our innovative technologies and solutions.

Reserve your time to connect with our team members and product experts at GTC. Our dedicated team will be in touch to arrange a meeting. Reach out to us via email.

Attending NVIDIA GTC 2024 provides an invaluable opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements in GPU and AI technologies, network with industry leaders, and gain insights into cutting-edge innovations in a dynamic and collaborative environment. CoolIT Systems is proud to accelerate AI workloads by maximizing the performance of CPUs and GPUs in the servers with direct liquid cooling.

Sessions not to be missed:

Speaker: Mitchell Knight

Topic: The Impact of Liquid Cooling Technology in AI-Era Data Centers

Date: March 17, 2024

In this engaging session, we’ll explore the symbiotic relationship between the cloud and AI, unravel the changing landscape of liquid cooling customer preferences, and discover the impressive capabilities of direct liquid cooling technologies. Join us to explore the crucial timing of liquid cooling imperatives in data center design. We’ll take a close look at CoolIT’s implementation of liquid cooling technologies across four data centers, sharing our perspective on heightened rack densities tailored to support AI workloads. Sustainability becomes a significant topic, so we’ll discuss how liquid cooling contributes to sustainability and environmental, social, and governance goals, including the reuse of waste heat produced by data centers, and uncover the holistic efficiencies inherent in data center liquid cooling. Join this insightful discussion that illuminates the nuanced landscape of data center liquid cooling in the ever-evolving digital era.

About CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems specializes in scalable liquid cooling solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments. In the desktop enthusiast market, CoolIT provides unparalleled performance for a range of gaming systems. In the enterprise data center and high-performance computing markets, CoolIT partners with global leaders in OEM server design to develop the most efficient and reliable liquid cooling solutions for their own leading-edge products. Through its modular Direct Liquid Cooling technology, CoolIT enables dramatic increases in rack densities, component performance, and power efficiencies. Together, CoolIT and its partners are leading the way for the widespread adoption of high-performance computing.

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