CoolIT Systems Unveils OwnIT Employee Ownership Program

Calgary’s leading tech company, CoolIT Systems, recently announced the launch of its Employee Ownership Program, OwnIT. With KKR’s recent acquisition of CoolIT Systems, this program demonstrates a strong commitment to investing in the team responsible for CoolIT’s rapid growth.

CoolIT Systems is renowned for its cutting-edge liquid cooling technology designed for data centers and desktop markets. Their patented Split-Flow Direct Liquid Cooling technology significantly improves performance, reliability, and equipment lifespan. By adopting CoolIT’s technology, customers can enjoy reduced operating costs, lower energy consumption, decreased carbon emissions, less water usage, and the potential for higher server density compared to traditional air-cooling methods.

Steven Walton, CEO of CoolIT Systems, announced the exciting initiative: “Today marks a significant milestone in our history. Through the OwnIT program, we empower our dedicated workforce, reaffirm our commitment to our team, and elevate Calgary’s technology industry.” He also emphasized the company’s goal of becoming a prominent industry leader and educator, driven by their collective dream.

CoolIT Systems has experienced consistent growth in Calgary, with an impressive 80% increase in its manufacturing team members by 2023. The company is poised to continue this upward trajectory to meet future demands.

The debut of the Employee Ownership Program aims to provide eligible employees with a share in the company’s success. This initiative promotes financial growth and showcases CoolIT Systems’ dedication to positive social and environmental impacts.

As CoolIT Systems moves forward, its vision remains crystal clear: an unwavering commitment to technological advancement, environmental sustainability, and a steadfast dedication to its workforce.

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