CoolIT Systems Showcases Advanced Liquid Cooling with Aquatherm’s Specialized Piping at SC23

Denver, Colorado – November 14, 2023 – CoolIT Systems, a leader in advanced liquid cooling, is proud to announce its partnership with Aquatherm, a leader in the piping industry, at the Supercomputing Conference 2023 (SC23), taking place from November 12–17 in Denver, Colorado. Located at booth #807, CoolIT is prepared to exhibit our Secondary Fluid Networks featuring Aquatherm’s specialized piping.

For high-performance computing environments like HPC and AI, addressing power and cooling needs is crucial. The significant heat generated by these systems often poses a challenge to traditional cooling methods, potentially restricting the deployment of high-density racks in data centers. When traditional air cooling fails to satisfy the demands of modern HPC/AI systems, Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) steps in as a superior solution. To manage this heat with liquid cooling, a robust piping system is required.

At SC23, CoolIT will feature an efficient Secondary Fluid Network which is a data center-level plumbing setup capable of connecting multiple Rack Manifolds to larger Coolant Distribution Units (CDU). This setup facilitates coolant flow from a CoolIT rack featuring the ground-breaking CHx500 CDU, to a CoolIT rear-door heat exchanger. The installation of this effective and sustainable cooling process utilizes Aquatherm Blue pipe products exclusively. Aquatherm pipes and fittings are joined through heat fusion, creating a uniform, leak-proof system that is stronger than the pipe itself, ensuring enduring safety at these critical junctures. Aquatherm material also allows for clean, quick, and durable construction without onsite welding.

“I have witnessed firsthand the issue of corrosion in data center installations with piping from other suppliers, leading to decreased efficiency and eventual replacement of the pipes. Opting for Aquatherm’s polypropylene piping (PP-RCT) blue pipe system has significantly benefitted CoolIT’s clients, making our Professional Services team among the industry’s elite. The material is inherently resistant to both corrosion and incrustation, specifically catering to the unique demands of the cooling sector,” says Jaclyn Schmidt, Director of Professional Services at CoolIT.

“Our long-standing relationship with CoolIT has allowed them to develop an OEM product specifically catered to the secondary fluid network. Our product incorporates several key safety factors not typically found in antiquated piping systems, namely: the weight of the pipe, speed of deployment, ease of maintenance, extended lifecycle, and basic chemical compatibility. CoolIT has been an excellent partner with a visionary approach to their client’s needs,” said Jerry Chizmadia, Director of Business Development at Aquatherm.

CoolIT Systems invites you to SC23 for an in-depth look at our liquid cooling technology and our collaboration with Aquatherm. SC brings together thousands of attendees from the international high-performance computing community: a gathering of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators, and developers that is unequaled in the world. Recognizing the significance of this event, CoolIT Systems is proud to support and participate actively with a dedicated booth.

Visitors can also contact CoolIT in advance to arrange a meeting at:

About CoolIT Systems:

CoolIT Systems is renowned for its scalable liquid cooling solutions tailored for the world’s most challenging computing contexts. In both enterprise data centers and high-performance computing domains, CoolIT collaborates with global OEM server design leaders, formulating efficient and trustworthy liquid cooling solutions. In the desktop enthusiast arena, CoolIT delivers unmatched performance for a diverse range of gaming setups. Their modular Direct Liquid Cooling technology empowers dramatic spikes in rack densities, component efficacy, and power savings. Jointly, CoolIT and its allies are pioneering the large-scale adoption of sophisticated cooling techniques.

About Aquatherm:

Ideal for cooling systems in office buildings, data centers, and manufacturing applications, Aquatherm polypropylene piping systems have been proven for more than 50 years in thousands of installations. Their proprietary polypropylene resin, fusiolen, is respected worldwide for its consistency, chemical purity, and low environmental impact. It creates piping systems that are lightweight, long lasting, and easy to install. Committed to sustainability and the protection of the climate, Aquatherm ensures its products are accompanied by environmental product declarations (EPDs). These declarations support customers in making informed decisions aligned with their sustainability objectives.

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