CoolIT People: Evelyn Golba, VP of People.

CoolIT Technologies has launched the “CoolIT People” project to shine a spotlight on the talented individuals who make up the company’s team. In the project’s inaugural video, we meet Evelyn Golba, the VP of People at CoolIT, who shares her inspiring journey to CoolIT and what she loves about working with the team.

Evelyn is a valuable asset to CoolIT with over 20 years of experience in talent management and human resources. She is responsible for ensuring that the company attracts and retains top talent and is passionate about creating opportunities for professional growth and development for employees at all levels.

The video emphasizes the importance of company culture and employee experience. According to Evelyn, “our greatest strength is our people”, and CoolIT is committed to creating a workplace culture that supports and empowers its employees. The company’s products are designed to make people’s lives easier, reflecting its commitment to innovation and the importance of human-centered technology.

The CoolIT People project showcases the human side of technology and the importance of investing in people. It highlights the value that CoolIT places on its employees and its commitment to creating a workplace culture that fosters diversity, innovation, and professional growth. Future installments of the CoolIT People project will feature more members of the talented CoolIT team, providing more insight into the individuals who make CoolIT a great place to work.

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