Celebrating Exascale: The Role of Liquid Cooling in Exascale Computing

Exascale Technology

Exascale computing refers to the ability to perform one quintillion (10^18) calculations per second, which represents an immense leap in computational power. Exascale Day is a commemorative event celebrated to mark advancements in high-performance computing (HPC) and the achievement of Exascale computing capabilities. Each year, October 18th, the IT industry, researchers and scientists reflect on their revolutionary findings in energy, medicine, and materials science using the computational power of the fastest supercomputers across the globe.

Impacts of Exascale computing on various fields

In simpler terms, imagine 18 zeros following the number one. That’s the immense power of an Exascale-level supercomputer – it can complete one billion billion calculations within a second. To put it in perspective, if every individual on earth used basic calculators to compute 1+1, it would take over two months for us to match what this supercomputer can do in a mere second.

So, why should the capabilities of these ultra-fast, Exascale supercomputers matter to us?

Firstly, you can forget about the hypothetical scenario of everyone on the planet spending months on a basic math task. More importantly, it opens doors to precise weather predictions tailored for individual locations, leading to enhanced safety measures during hazardous conditions. This level of computing power accelerates the creation of tailored medical treatments and drug innovations. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will leverage this capacity to design and innovate, ensuring that our vehicles, infrastructure, and aircraft are more durable, safe, and efficient. With Exascale, the limitations of computational power no longer hinder our exploration and innovation.

Role of Cooling Solutions in Exascale Computing

Advancing to Exascale won’t be without its obstacles. With the ramp-up in speed and performance of CPUs, GPUs, and other components, the resultant heat generation will escalate. Traditional cooling methods won’t suffice for this heightened heat while preserving the compact designs we’re familiar with. This is where CoolIT’s Direct Liquid Cooling technology shines. CoolIT’s Direct Liquid Cooling Technology Supports The World’s Fastest Supercomputer, Frontier and can be found cooling four of the top ten largest supercomputers and four of the top five greenest supercomputers in the world.

With a rich history of crafting cutting-edge solutions for the largest server OEMs, CoolIT is at the forefront of this technological evolution

CoolIT’s Passive Coldplate Loop (PCL) in HPE Cray EX server.

In conclusion, efficient cooling solutions are essential for success of exascale computing, ensuring performance, reliability, and energy efficient. CoolIT Systems’ innovative liquid cooling tech positions them as leaders in addressing the unique challenges posed by exascale computing making them crucial partner for organizations striving to unlock the full potential of these powerful systems.

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