Case Study

Stockholm campus SWE01

Demands on data centers is intensifying as the need for computing continues to grow. As computing becomes more powerful, components within the data centers start to generate more heat, which can lead to decreased performance and even hardware failure, as well as sustainability and efficiency challenges. For high-performance computing systems, cooling is a core consideration.

To achieve next-level component performance and reliability, while equally improving efficiencies and sustainability, atNorth chose to collaborate with CoolIT Systems. CoolIT Systems is the most trusted Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) solution in the market. Its DLC technology uses the thermal conductivity of liquid to provide dense, concentrated cooling to targeted areas. This combined approach of using DLC and warm water decreases the dependence on fans and expensive air handling systems to cool data center halls, which ultimately results in higher rack density, overall reduced power usage, and significantly advanced performance.

For a deep dive into this success story, check out our case study.

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