STULZ is the world’s leading solution provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology, specifically for mission critical applications.


CoolIT provides a worldwide service network to ensure customer satisfaction regardless of location. Service is provided by CoolIT service technicians or through our partnership with STULZ, the world leading solution provider of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology. Covering over 157 countries, the strategic relationship with STULZ increases CoolIT’s ability to better serve the data center industry with forward-thinking designs, solutions and services.


Chip-to-AtmosphereTM cooling solutions allow customers to capture dense heat loads at the source (inside the servers) and efficiently move them to the outside atmosphere. STULZ is world-renowned for its precision cooling products. When integrated, CoolIT Systems’ Rack DCLC solution can capture 60-80% of the servers’ heat directly into liquid while STULZ precision cooling products efficiently capture the balance of the lower density heat. A considerable benefit forms when the total heat energy from both systems is consolidated, transported outside, and then dissipated or recaptured for reuse. The result is ultra-efficient total thermal solutions that support any OEM server at even the highest density configurations, all through one unified vendor.


STULZ Micro DC provides a completely enclosed, high-density computing environment that is suitable for applications beyond the typical white space. The Micro DC offers a significant reduction in size for highly dense heat load applications employing a combination of cooling from an integral precision cooling unit and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling. With support for racks up to 64kW, the Micro DC is the ideal solution to manage high performance computing requirements in any environment.

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