Rack DLC utilizes a three module “building block” approach that provides product flexibility when integrating liquid cooling into any compute environment or configuration.





CoolIT Systems’ Passive Coldplate Loops can cool any combination of CPU, GPU and Memory components, with customization available for VR, ASIC, FPGA and other devices. Servers remain hot-swappable and simple to service.


CoolIT Systems’ CPU Coldplates are managed by centralized pumping architectures. These passive solutions are purpose-designed to accommodate lower profile footprints, such as 1U blades and other custom chassis.

R4 Passive Coldplate

The R4 is a passive coldplate technology employed by CoolIT Systems in centralized pumping architectures. At only 15mm in height, the R4 Passive Coldplate is purpose-designed to accommodate lower profile footprints, such as 1U blades and other custom chassis, and is guaranteed to withstand over 200psi.


The CoolIT Systems’ RP2 is a high performance passive component for use in the CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC ecosystem. Specifically designed for use with the Intel® Xeon Phi Processor Family (Knights Landing), this solution enables 1U chassis applications by meeting the same keep out zone requirements as the 1U air cooler.

Thermally, the solution is optimized for the unique power distribution of the Knights Landing package, to ensure appropriate cooling for both the CPU and the MCDRAM.


Engineered for the next generation Intel® Xeon® E5 processor (Skylake EP) family, the CoolIT RX1 Passive Coldplate enables the highest wattage CPUs. Leveraging our patented CoolIT Split-Flow design theory, this passive solution eliminates the need for remote heatsinks, maximizing density in 1U applications.


CoolIT Systems’ GPU Coldplate product line includes passive assemblies for NVIDIA and AMD.

AMD Firepro S9300 x2

Designed to enable peak compute performance in high temperature environments, this Rack DLC compatible coldplate is a direct replacement for the passive heat sink solution.

Featuring two CoolIT Systems R4 coldplates and a full coverage tray, it is capable of capturing more than 90% of the heat load generated by the card, maximizing reliability and lifespan.

NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Accelerator

CoolIT Systems manufactures a direct contact liquid cooling system for the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Accelerator.

This passive assembly supports the Rack DCLCTM ecosystem and is deployed in conjunction with any CoolIT Systems Heat Exchange Module. The full coverage K80 solution provides cooling the GPUs, memory and power supply components. Its specialized design captures up to 89% of the heat load, ensures peak performance and improves reliability.


Designed specifically to support the NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerator, the CoolIT GP1 passive coldplate enables NVIDIA Pascal solutions in 1U applications.

This full coverage coldplate ensures high performance liquid cooling for the entire SXM2 board, and is a drop in replacement for the reference air cooling heatsink.


Based on the same R4 platform that underpins the GP1, CoolIT continues its tradition of offering the highest performance solutions for NVIDIA® products.

Designed specifically for the new Tesla® V100 (Volta™) accelerator, the GP2 enables the highest density SXM2 platforms by pulling the interface points in from the edge of the coldplate, giving the solution designer greater freedom for tube routing.


CoolIT Systems’ full coverage Memory Coldplate solutions are designed for both standard height memory modules and custom configurations.


CoolIT Systems’ Mx1 Memory Cooling solution enables full coverage memory cooling.

This solution, designed for standard height memory modules, routes coolant through an integrated channel in the top of the cooler, simplifying design and minimizing costs.

When used in conjunction with CoolIT Systems’ processor Coldplates, up to 85% of the heat produced by each server can be captured in the liquid loop.


CoolIT Systems’ Mx2 Memory Cooling solution enables full coverage memory cooling in 1U chassis.

Designed for standard height memory modules, this solution routes coolant directly through embedded copper tubes, allowing for an extremely low profile.

When used in conjunction with CoolIT Systems’ processor Coldplates, up to 85% of the heat produced by each server can be captured in the liquid loop.


CoolIT Systems’ Mx2 Memory Cooling solution enables full coverage memory cooling in 1U chassis.

Designed for standard height memory modules, this solution routes coolant directly through embedded copper tubes, allowing for an extremely low profile.

When used in conjunction with CoolIT Systems’ processor Coldplates, over 85% of the heat produced by each server can be captured in the liquid loop.



A key component of the Passive Coldplate Loops, CoolIT Systems’ patented Split-Flow Coldplates are solid copper components which deliver superior performance for today’s high thermal density processors.

The Split-Flow design uses microchannel architecture to minimize pressure drop, maximize coolant flow, and direct the coolest liquid to the hottest area of the processor first. Starting at only 2.4mm in height, Coldplates are easily integrated into extremely compact, low-profile blade architectures, and allow for optimal performance.

Custom Coldplate designs are available.


The Rack DLC Manifold Module manages liquid distribution between the Heat Exchange Module and any number of Server Modules.


CoolIT Systems’ Rack Manifolds are made of reliable stainless steel, rendering them incredibly robust. Combined with dry-break, dripless quick disconnects from Staubli, these modules are safe and effective building blocks when paired with Rack DLC Passive Coldplate Loops.

Rack Manifolds are organized for a manual connection at the front or back of the rack. Manifolds are flexible and can be arranged vertically or horizontally within a rack .


  • Stainless steel body
  • Dry-break “dripless” quick disconnects
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Color-coded for hot and cold


  • Easy installation, racks like a PDU
  • No special training required
  • Simple connection and disconnection
  • Enables servers to remain hot swappable
  • Flexible in size and orientation


CoolIT Systems’ Chassis Manifolds are integrated into blade-style chassis and use dry-break quick disconnects designed to accept a small misalignment between the server and chassis manifold. These blind-mate systems are the reliable and user-friendly way to liquid cool servers.


Featuring double shut-off valves, these 100% non-drip quick disconnects are made of nickel-plated aluminum alloy to ensure long lasting component reliability and coolant compatibility. Constructed by aluminum alloy with a treated surface and featuring a large number of balls, the quick connectors locking mechanism extremely robust.


  • Plug engages to socket with minimal required force
  • Color-coded sockets for inlet and outlet (blue and red)
  • 100% leak and drip free
  • Constructed with high strength materials
  • Excellent flow
  • Swiss engineered & manufactured


Feature Stäubli Metal Quick Disconnects Plastic or Plastic/Metal Combination Quick Disconnects
Structural Integrity All metal construction holds structural integrity extremely well. Stäubli Quick Disconnectss are constructed of brass and stainless steel, with specialized aluminum coatings to avoid corrosion. Creep can occur with plastic material. Dimensional changes can create difficulties connecting and/or disconnecting, which can lead to leakage.
Environmental parameters, such as humidity, ultra-violet exposure, and high or low temperatures, can also affect the stability and dimensions of plastic parts.
Connection Cycles Metal Quick Disconnects are capable of over 5,000 connection cycles due to the wear resistance of metal. The number is manufacturer-dependent, but is generally in the low hundreds.
Quick Disconnect Material Degradation  None.  Material aging is much quicker for plastics than metal, resulting in lower life expectancy of plastic connectors.
Fluid Loss Stäubli CGD, SCG and SPT are true flush face connectors. The volume loss is limited to a “mist” adhering to the face when disconnecting. Plastic Quick Disconnects are less durable than metal Quick Disconnects and will potentially fall out of tolerance, allowing drips to occur.
Heritage of Development Stäubli Quick Disconnects were initially derived for critical sealing industrial applications, such as fuel lines. Plastic Quick Disconnects were developed for the medical industry as single use, disposable items.
Cost of Quick Disconnects Metal Quick Disconnects are generally more expensive than plastic Quick Disconnects; however, metal Quick Disconnects provide for a reliable and safe connection at a critical point in the system and still make up less than 0.5% of the IT system capital costs.  Plastics are a lower cost component which can initially save a few hundred dollars per rack.


CoolIT Systems’ Rack DLC product line offers a variety of Heat Exchange Modules depending on load requirements and availability of facility water, including CHx (Liquid-to-Liquid), AHx (Liquid-to-Air) and custom options.

Row-based Liquid-to-Liquid CDU

Cooling Capacity 750kW
Power Consumption 4.3kW
Servers Managed 900
Facility Liquid Integration Yes

Designed to manage the distribution of clean, treated coolant to and from a network of IT cabinets, the CHx750 accepts ASHRAE W4 warm facility water and manages 750kW of processor load per network. This stand-alone CHx can be customized to fit various data center environments. Standard equipment groups offer N+1 redundancy, and when deployed can provide tier 4 resiliency.


  • Manages 750kW of processor load per network
  • Supports up to 900 servers
  • Compatible with ASHRAE W4 warm water cooling
  • Redundant centralized pumps
  • Intelligent Control System (Webserver, Modbus, SNMP)
  • 7″ LCD screen with touch functionality
  • Internal leak detection system
  • Integrated fill-pump
  • 50 micron filtration to secondary loop


  • Warm water cooling reduces need for chillers
  • Quick and easy installation and service
  • Significantly reduces OpEx
  • Isolates high pressure facility water from racks
  • Servicable onsite – no down time for maintenance
  • High temperature return water can be used for heat re-use

Rack-mount Liquid-to-Liquid CDU

Cooling Capacity  80kW
Power Consumption 652W
Servers Managed 100
Facility Liquid Integration Yes

The CHx80  meets today’s most demanding HPC requirements. Capable of managing 80kW+ of heat load in a remarkably small 4U of space, this system provides cooling for 120 servers or more. The CHx80 is an extremely efficient CDU that uses ASHRAE W4 warm water to manage processor and component heat. As a result, users can expect a significant reduction in data center OPEX.


  • Manages 80kW+ of processor load per network
  • Compatible with ASHRAE W4 warm water cooling
  • Redundant centralized pumps
  • Dry-break quick disconnects
  • 4.3″ LCD screen with touch functionality
  • Integrated Command2 control and monitoring system (Webserver, Modbus, SNMP)
  • Internal and external leak detection system
  • 4U rack-mount chassis


  • Warm water cooling reduced the need for chillers
  • Manages up to 100 servers per rack
  • Quick and easy installation and service
  • Consumes only 652W
  • Can be located anywhere in a rack
  • Servers remain hot-swappable for service
  • High temperature return water can be used for heat re-use
Rack DLC

Rack-mount Liquid-to-Air CDU providing in-rack liquid cooling without facility water

Power Consumption (Max) 720W
Racks per Solution 1
ROI (months) 1-12
Facility Water Integration No

The AHx10 is a compact 5U, rackmount CDU capable of managing 7kW at 25°C ambient air temperature. This product expands to a 6U and 7U configuration (via the available expansion kit) that manages up to 10kW of heat load. The AHx10 supports front to back air flow management and is compatible with CoolIT Rack Manifolds and Passive Coldplate Loops. The system allows users to deploy high density liquid cooled servers inside existing data centers without the requirement for facility liquid. The AHx10 is the perfect solution to manage cooling for HPC racks within an existing facility.


  • Liquid-to-air heat exchanger
  • Manages 7 – 10kW cooling capacity per rack
  • Redundant pumping
  • Compact 5U, rackmount appliance
  • 6U or 7U expansion kit available
  • Integrated Command2 control and monitoring system
  • LCD touch display for quick user interface
  • Supports cold to hot aisle configuration


  • Does not require facility water
  • Allows for dramatic density increase and rack utilization
  • Quick and easy installation and service
  • Control and monitoring from LCD or via several network protocols
  • System can be located at any level within the rack
coolit systems rack dclc ahx2 logo

An essential factory burn-in tool for OEMs and System Integrators

coolit systems rack dclc ahx2
Power Consumption (Max) 200W
Servers per Solution 4
Facility Water Integration No

The AHx2 is a compact, easy to transport air CDU designed to enable factory server burn-in when liquid is not present in the factory. It functions as an important tool for customers wishing to validate DLC technology with a small number of servers. AHx2 provides direct liquid cooling to four DLC enabled servers during the burn-in process, and reduces the need for additional  infrastructure. AHx2 is a Liquid-to-Air CDU which dissipates heat from the coolant in the server loop to the ambient environment, and accompanies the servers through the entire burn-in process.


  • Liquid-to-air heat exchanger
  • 2kW of cooling capacity with 25°C approach temperature
  • Manage four DLC enabled servers simultaneously
  • Compact size allows the unit to sit on top or beside a server chassis during operation
  • Carrying handle and rubber feet for safe transportation and storage
  • Non-marking skid pad allows the unit to safely sit on top of a server chassis
  • Status light to indicate correct unit operation


  • DLC enabled servers can be thermally tested during the factory burn-in process, without additional expensive liquid cooling infrastructure
  • System travels with the server through factory burn-in process
  • Inexpensive solution for DLC enabled server burn-in
  • Quick and easy installation and operation