CoolIT Systems Invests in World-Class Manufacturing Facilities to Meet High Demand

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CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) with headquarters in Calgary, Canada is the global leader in direct liquid cooling (DLC) technology and is trusted by the biggest technology organizations like Dell, HPE, Intel, Gigabyte and Supermicro. CoolIT specializes in scalable liquid cooling solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments and has expanded their manufacturing facilities to meet rapidly growing demand for their products. 

Data center challenges that DLC can solve

As data centers continue to become faster and more powerful, servers generate more heat while processor operating temperature limits are decreasing. This requires more efficient cooling than traditional air-cooling with fans can provide.  CoolIT’s Rack DLC™ technology with patented Split-Flow coldplates provides computing environments with efficient and high performance liquid cooling that greatly exceeds legacy air-cooling technology performance.

Server boards and racks are also becoming denser to increase the amount of computing power in a smaller footprint. This increased density cannot be met with traditional air-cooling methods that need space between components on a server board and space between servers within a rack to accommodate sufficient air flow, large heat sinks and large fans. CoolIT’s patented Rack DLC™ technology is specifically engineered with low profiles to enable increased density in servers and server racks to aid in decreasing the footprint of data centers.

Data centers consume a large amount of electricity for cooling. Liquid is a more efficient medium than air for heat transfer. CoolIT’s coldplate, coldplate loop and coolant distribution unit (CDU) products decrease the power required to cool data centers thus decreasing operating costs and significantly reducing carbon emissions. Many of CoolIT’s customers reuse the heat that is transferred into the liquid for sustainability initiatives such as heating buildings.

CoolIT expands manufacturing facilities at Canadian headquarters

CoolIT is a rapid growth company with world-class manufacturing capability, scalability, and hands-on manufacturing expertise. The company prides itself on its growing Calgary-based manufacturing. CoolIT continues to invest in their Calgary, Canada facility to better support North American clients.

CoolIT heavily invested in expanding their North America manufacturing facilities at their head office in Calgary, Canada to meet the growing demands for DLC technology. The manufacturing facility has expanded every year since 2019, adding an additional 10-13k square feet to the facility every year. This growth increased manufacturing capacity 5X since 2019 and allows the company to easily scale with growing demand. CoolIT also invested in machining and specialized fabrication capabilities in their manufacturing facility and Liquid Lab.

CoolIT uses robotics and automation to enable repeatable, reliable and scalable manufacturing of their products. Hamid Rafiei, CoolIT VP of Manufacturing states, “Our internal automation capabilities can quickly meet fast paced production ramp up needs. We have the flexibility and expertise in-house to deploy very sophisticated and complex automation systems in all areas of manufacturing from assembly to testing, which differentiates us from competitors.”

CoolIT leverages hands-on in-house manufacturing engineering capabilities including lean manufacturing, electronic standard operating procedures (SOPs), and work instructions with 3D visuals. The manufacturing facility benefits from a variety of in-house 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping of fixtures and jigs. Manufacturing lines use a wide range of robotic solutions including industrial robots, collaborative robots and a variety of pneumatic automated solutions.

Production lines are built for liquid-cooling from the ground up, as opposed to competitors who are transitioning from legacy air-cooling production manufacturing capabilities. This allows CoolIT to easily implement more stringent manufacturing practices that DLC technology demands as well as implement sophisticated end-of-line product testing and prototype testing.

“The CoolIT manufacturing facility is equipped with everything we need to manufacture and thoroughly test DLC products for our customers,” states Rafiei, “Thanks to our continued investment into our manufacturing expertise, CoolIT delivers reliable, efficient DLC products at high volumes and decreased lead times, helping our customers resolve heat-related issues and ultimately enabling peak performance in their enterprise servers and HPC systems.”

About CoolIT Systems

CoolIT Systems specializes in scalable liquid cooling solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments. In the desktop enthusiast market, CoolIT provides unparalleled performance for a range of gaming systems. In the enterprise data center and high performance computing markets, CoolIT partners with global leaders in OEM server design to develop the most efficient and reliable liquid cooling solutions for their own leading-edge products. Through its modular, Direct Liquid Cooling technology Rack DLC™, CoolIT enables dramatic increases in rack densities, component performance and power efficiencies. Together, CoolIT and its partners are leading the way for widespread adoption of high-performance computing.

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