Case Study

Zenith Supercomputer

CoolIT Systems has enabled liquid-cooled infrastructure at Dell EMC HPC & AI Innovation Lab, allowing customers to evaluate liquid-cooled Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 servers prior to deployment. The 68-node rack is part of the Zenith Super Computer, a TOP500 system. Zenith is designed to develop innovative HPC products, perform application scalability studies and enable customers to test and simulate their unique HPC workloads on Dell EMC HPC Systems.

Working directly with Dell EMC experts, customers can evaluate their HPC requirements and influencing variables, ensuring the final solution configuration is tuned for optimized performance from day one.

Zenith Supercomputer liquid cooling technology:

  • 68x servers with direct liquid cooled Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 servers with factory installed Passive Coldplate Loops
  • 1x Stainless steel Rack Manifolds
  • 1x rack based CDU
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