Case Study

der Lichtenberg II

The Lichtenberg II High Performance Computer provides computing resources for researchers from academia and public research facilities in Germany. The multifaceted architecture of the high-performance computer allows for flexible and efficient scientific computing, especially for computationally intensive applications. It supports the efficient execution of a variety of existing programs, as well as the development of new parallel programs.

The experts of the “Hessischen Kompetenzzentrum für Hochleistungsrechnen” (Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing) will provide for consultancy and scientific support on using the cluster efficiently. The HKHLR also hosts various (regular) workshops on scientific HPC

System has been delivered together with Megware and Intel.

Lichtenberg II Supercomputer Liquid Cooling Technology:

  • 7x racks with direct liquid cooled Intel Computing servers
  • 7x Stainless steel Rack Manifolds, featuring 100% dry-break quick disconnect technology
  • 2x row based CDUs managing 14 racks
  • Custom secondary fluid network below the racks
  • Warm water cooling of up to 32C water from the facility
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