Rack DCLC™ CHx40

Liquid-to-Liquid heat exchange which manages a single IT cabinet

chx40 screenon

The Chx40 Module manages the distribution of clean, treated coolant within a single IT cabinet. This 2U CHx accepts ASHRAE W3-W5 warm facility water and can manage 40kW+ of processor load per rack.

  • Manages 40kW+ cooling capacity per rack
  • ASHRAE W3-W5 (2°C – 45°C) warm water cooling 
  • Redundant centralized pumps
  • Integrated control and monitoring system (Webserver, Modbus, IPMI, SNMP)
  • 4.3" LCD screen with touch functionality
  • Internal leak detection and mitigation system
  • Dry-break quick disconnects
  • 2U rack-mount chassis
  • Dramatically increases CPU/GPU density
  • Reduces the need for chillers with warm water cooling
  • Manages 50+ servers per rack
  • Quick and easy installation and service
  • High temperature return water can be used for heat re-use


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