Rack DCLC™ AHx20

Liquid-to-Air heat exchanger which manages powerful clusters in limited space 


Rack DCLC™ AHx20 packs an incredible amount of heat load management into a small form factor. This top-of-rack solution provides superior processor performance and enables very high densities. The AHx20 is perfect for compute environments that are short on space, big on compute and do not have access to facility water.

  • Supports 20kW+ cooling capacity per rack
  • Offers HPC in a variety of compute environments
  • Simple and easy installation and maintenance
  • No facility water required
  • Redundant pumps
  • Full control system
  • Dramatically increases CPU/GPU density
  • Stand-alone rack-based liquid cooling
  • Monitor systems health remotely
  • ROI in 1 year or less


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