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Do you have access to facility water?
Choose YES if you can plumb liquid to the racks in your data center.



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Rack DCLC™ modules are designed for a flexible fit to benefit various compute environments. While Server Modules and Manifold Modules are installed with each system and are local to the rack, the appropriate heat rejection method may vary. Rack DCLC offers a variety of heat exchanging modules depending on load requirements and availability of facility water.

Rack DCLC can adjust and accommodate any number of environmental conditions.  The modular "building block" approach (Server, Manifold, and Heat Exchange Modules) allows CoolIT to adapt as needed. 

Server Module


Patented Split-Flow Coldplate technology supports mutliple combinations of CPUs/GPUs and other types of interposers, heat pipes and heat spreaders. 

Manifold Module

Reliable stainless steel manifolds employ dry break, quick disconnect technology in horizontal or vertical chassis, blades or any other server array.

Heat Exchange Module

The product line offers CHx (Liquid-to-Liquid), AHx (Liquid-to-Air) and custom configurations. 




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