As heat densities continue to rise, data center managers are turning to liquid cooling for the most reliable and efficient option to handle these extreme heat loads and to protect their IT equipment and facilities. There is no question that both oil and water-based coolants are much more efficient than air. In fact, liquid is 3,500 times better at storing and transferring heat than air!

Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™)

Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™) uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide dense, concentrated cooling to targeted small surface areas. By using DCLC, the dependence on fans and expensive air conditioning and air handling systems is drastically reduced. This enables over 80kW densities per rack using warm water cooling, allows reduced power use and provides access to significantly higher performance potential. Liquid cooling solutions are either installed directly into enclosures or mounted into data center spaces.

CoolIT Systems offers options for data centers with or without facility water hook up. Any server in any rack can be liquid cooled with CoolIT’s hardware, and benefit from immediate and measurable CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Focused on your cooling challenges

Power savings, increased rack density and high performance are the three key advantages of using liquid cooling.

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CoolIT’s data center solutions provide immediate CAPEX and OPEX benefits



Modern air conditioning techniques are very expensive and inefficient at cooling computers. Data centers often employ chiller-based air systems which consume up to 50% of all data center power. W3-W5 warm water cooling eliminates the need for chilled water supply and delivers a rapid ROI (within 0-6 months).

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