Our Partners

CoolIT prides itself on working with industry partners to deliver the most effective and reliable liquid cooling solutions to the market place. Partnerships are the key to building industry standards and to giving the industry as a whole the confidence it needs to integrate liquid cooling into data centers. Collaborating with first class manufacturers to develop DCLC™ projects has been a great experience and the resulting products are impressing customers and system integrators alike.

Solution Partners

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 Technology Partners


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joe-curley-120x120“Working with CoolIT Systems to integrate their innovative direct contact liquid cooling solution was critical to deploying the Cherry Creek cluster, even in an environment that doesn’t have the cooling capabilites of a data center.”
rusty robertson headshot“Trust is a huge factor when putting liquids in close proximity to critical electronics. We are proving that CoolIT’s technology outfitted with Stäubli’s non-spill connectors works flawlessly. Skeptics are becoming converts.”
Patrick Scateni headshot“In today’s market good is not good enough; so when speed and efficiency is the bottom line, and completing projects in record time is the mandate, CoolIT helps us achieve what some would consider the impossible.”